Morrison Hiking Trail Camping – Allegheny National Forest

My pals as well as I head up to the Morrison hiking trail in ANF to have a great and also enjoyable 3 day adventure.

Parking Great deal: 41.861658, -78.896875
Routes made use of (clockwise).

Significant Gear:.
Warbonnet Blackbird hammock.
Warbonnet Side tarpaulin.
Dutchware accessories.
Osprey Exos 48.
MSR Whisperlite.
MSR Pocket Rocket.
Chainmate Pocket Power saw.
Bahco Laplander Saw.
Nikon AW110 Video camera.

Introduction, rest, and also discover songs by frozen.
Various other songs by musicbypedro.

31 thoughts on “Morrison Hiking Trail Camping – Allegheny National Forest”

  1. Great video as always! I’m heading down to raccoon creek state park next
    weekend for a 2 night backpacking trip on the loop that you did in an
    earlier video.

  2. Great times and great memories. Cool to see young men still enjoying life
    this way in the outdoors. Hats off to you guys.

  3. Good hike & camp guys & with goid friends as company the trail doesn’t get
    much better. Good stuff.

  4. Been there a few times, never went all the way to the reservoir. Thanks for
    the look. So flat at the beginning!

  5. this was a lot of fun thanks/ way behind on watching videos because i was
    in the mtns myself hooray// funny thing about the “arent you worreid about
    people” question… i get that all the time since i go way out in the
    desert etc- my response is / well, would you mess with the guy who is
    willing to go that far out into nowhere by himself? … us back country
    people dont mess with each other, nothing to prove out there…..

  6. in one of your videos you had a folding metal windscreen for your stove I
    cannot locate that video now but I am trying to purchase something close to
    it can you please let me know how much it weighs and what it is called
    essentially I want to find the most lightweight one I can.

  7. Yea let me know, I was looking at something similair but decided to go with
    the Vargo one for when I bring my cat stove.

  8. Will do when it arrives I will try and do a video showing it in use with.
    a few different stoves I have ie trangia, pocket rocket, and a multi
    fuel also.

  9. Nice video. I love the ANF. FYI, if you’re looking for other trails, check
    out hiking the ANF by Jeff Mitchell, or his book backpacking PA. Those
    books have been great to plan my trips from western ny

  10. Just got back today from this trail, after have watching your video . lots
    of creek/Brook crossings- downed trees.. But very beautiful scenery. We
    hung hammocks by the creek near the campground. Question for you though- do
    you keep ANY food with you overnight? Or do you use a bear bag? We even
    hung our coffee in ziploc bags INSIDE of a watertight bag.. Also was
    wondering how heavy your pack was for most of your three season trips.
    Thanks again- really enjoy your vids!

  11. Thanks for the quick reply! Wow, I was 30lbs for this one nighter.. With a
    60l pack.. Thinking of getting something in the mid 40s – 50L for 1-2
    nighters. Seems the 60 is too large for this, and maybe too small for
    winter trips? Again– you’ve got me planning my trip to dolly sods for next
    month. I’ve camped there at the campground- but never went where you were–
    looks pretty amazing. Thanks again – your vids are extremely informative–
    and having my bank acct drop significantly!

  12. I always find it refreshing to jump in a lake or river at the end or start
    of day…. or really any time there’s water. Re-energizing.

  13. Just to update you, the church group had hiked into Minister Creek to the
    Deer Lick camp area, it took a long time for someone to hike out and get
    any kind of cell service to call for help. The storm hit at about 5 am.

  14. Enjoyed your video as usual. Agree with the commenter who said good to see
    young men out enjoying the outdoors. I still do some day hiking out here in
    the west. Lived in the east when I was young but never hiked there; always
    cool to see what it’s like.

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