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This video is a full list of all the gear I lugged along my 2015 PCT thru-hike. I have actually simplified right into groups with a fundamental description of the products. If you have any inquiries or desire certain information, just comment down listed below! Thanks for watching and please subscribe!:-RRB-.

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footwears- 1 hiking boot, 2 trail runners (just carried 1 each time), crocs.
orthotic inserts.
socks- 2 Darn Challenging hiking socks and also 1 snowboarding rest sock.
gaiters- dirty woman gaiters:
pants: Nike Capri.
underwear: 1 REI and 1 Patagonia.
bra: 1 sporting activities bra from Target.
treking t-shirt: columbia PFG guys's little.
base layers: very first ascent top as well as pant (mens sm and females sm).
down jacket: 1 first ascent and 1 north face tiny.
thick skin: Northface small.
rain coat: columbia small.
rainfall pant: Patagonia little.
neck gaiter: Lover.
cap: Brooks running cap.
warm hat: very first climb.
sunglasses: Suncloud + device.
handwear covers: northface.

granite equipment cavity.
apple iphone 5S.
Delorme Inreach satellite carrier.
charger cord for Apple iphone.
charger adapter for messenger.
USB wall surface plug-in used for both tools.
billing pack from Walmart.
Apple headphones.
Black ruby headlamp.
Casio watch.

chapstick with SPF.
tooth paste.
added lighter.
long-term marker (not toiletry item).
nail clipper.
hair ties.
Tums/Pepto + Advil.

camping tent: REI quarter dome 2.
Tyvec ground cover.
resting pad: Thermarest.
resting bag: Kelty 20 degree F women's little.
dry compression cavity for sleeping bag: Sea to Summit tool size.
cushion: Sea to Top inflatable.
sleep lining: sea to summit (not in video clip).

food bag: 15 L drysac.
stove: MSR Pocket Rocket.
fuel canister.
pot: snowpeak.
tools: 2 titanium sporks.
bic lighter.
pocket knife.
mosquito net (not a cooking product …).
hanker chief: used as meal towel.
Platypus 2L water storage tank.
2-3 clever water plastic bottles.

Black Ruby Walking Poles.
duck tape- on poles.
pack cover: Osprey XL.
backpack: Ariel 65 ladies's tiny.

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  1. Columbia does actually have the PFG series for women. I had a pair of the
    convertible pants for a while.

  2. I have the Ariel 65 women’s small too and I love it! Yes it weighs a little
    more than some packs but the comfort of how it carries what I need is worth

  3. The subject of cross contamination using water treatment on trail is
    actually pretty interesting. Way back before city water works brought tap
    water to our homes everyone could pass giardia, just like animals do.

    If one was to grow up with well water, swimming in lakes and ponds, then it
    is likely that that person could pass giardia as easily as animals do.

    There’s a very strong possibility that anyone who does a thru without
    treating water and doesn’t get sick, can pass giardia just like the animals
    do. Thats a good thing : ). I love not having to treat my water. I like
    you, don’t recommend doing so to people.

    Great video. Congrats on your PCT thru!

  4. Great video! Thanks for sharing. So true about expensive sunglasses getting
    broken. In high school, I splurged on an expensive pair ($50 — super pricey
    at the time for me). I had them tucked into my shirt collar while saying
    bye to my parents before leaving on a church trip, tried to be funny by
    giving my dad an odd-angle bear hug and crushed them completely between his
    shoulder and my chest. My $15 REI-outlet pair have lasted years now,
    however, no matter how many times I drop them. Also, I’ve never seen the
    ground cover/hitchhiking sign combo in a recap video — great and funny idea
    for multi-purpose gear. I was glad to see you recommend the Sea to Summit
    pillow, as I’d just started looking at backpacking pillows and kept seeing
    great reviews about those. Looking forward to checking out your other

  5. I love your videos. I haven’t found very many women who have hiked the PCT
    alone and who could answer the questions that I have had. I plan on
    starting the PCT April 2017. Really excited. Question for you. Where did
    you get your striped croakies. So cute!

  6. I don’t really like pack covers I prefer pack liners I find with back
    covers my stuff still gets wet

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