WRR70: Motorcycle Riding and Hiking

As motorcyclists we usually ride right by some lovely areas for treking and also discovering, but much of us just ride right on by. "What would certainly I made with all my equipment?" "I don't have hiking boots with me …" etc, and so on. There are numerous services, from luggage to locks that will certainly keep your gear secure in addition to permit you to bring along an extra set of boots and also socks. Have a look at www.compacc.com for all your requirements.

23 thoughts on “WRR70: Motorcycle Riding and Hiking”

  1. Reuben do you ride with your lights on? Is it a legal requirement in the
    States? Great vlog again. Btw. does your other half or son ride a bike as
    well? Stay safe mate, peace. 

  2. When I went to Brands Hatch earlier this year I ran a 16mm Almax chain
    through my helmet and leathers, locked them to the frame of my bike and put
    a rain cover over it. Kept my boots and gloves in a backpack. Not the most
    elegant solution, but it gets the job done.

  3. It’s always tough to do other things when riding a bike. As you said. For
    longer trips, I ended up buying a van where I can carry all of the things
    I’ll need. From mountanbikes to the actual motorbike…and even the
    Nesspreso machine! Drive the van to my chosen destination and then I can go
    do what I like! It’s great! 

  4. Been looking forward to your new WRR all day at work! Cant wait to get
    myself my own bike, most likely a Kawasaki ninja 300 or a ER6F(think its
    called Ninja650 in US) with the downsized power due to licences here in
    Norway… Thanks again for your videos and awesome entertainment!

  5. Good points Reuben! I guess we just need to bring along some suitable
    hiking/walking shoes with us and have some luggage storage on the bike to
    “hide” the motorcycle gear we peel off. I use soft bags and just have to
    trust that most people are honest and won’t steal anything. Definitely a
    challenge. Good WRR!

  6. Get your boy into geocaching. He’ll love it, and it will put his Boy Scout
    orienteering to use.

    And for motorcycling, geocaching offers “virtual” caches that take you to
    unique locations you’d not normally go. 

  7. you would have had a good ride,if you did not have to spend 10 minutes at
    the red light….i thought you were never gonna get to go……your

  8. It’s always time well spent doing things with your kids, they grow up so
    fast that putting it off will result in regrets of missed opportunities on
    both sides all too soon.

    Good ride and a good topic mate, I’m sure there will be plenty of helpful
    ideas posted regarding what to do with extra gear and security.

    PS: Please clean the bug off your visor Ruben! 🙂 

  9. Did Ruben just lane split @1:01? i didn’t think that was legal in any other
    state except cali.

  10. I have thought about Motorcycle camping and I have all the stuff to do it,
    but I’m afraid to leave the bike unattended because of the bear problems we
    have here. Bears will eat anything including your seat and anything else
    they consider tasty. The recent drought makes it worse, the bears have
    nothing to eat.

  11. Well I don’t really go hiking at all, none-the-less when I’m on my mcy. I
    do have a pair of tourmaster 2’s (
    http://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/tour-master-solution-20-wp-boots for
    reference, I’m not endorsing revzilla, just googled it), and I
    realistically love them. I wouldn’t go hike miles in them but if I was
    just hiking a quarter or .5 or whatever, they’re really great. Also, 100%
    sealed so it keeps the water out. First boots ever, and I really couldn’t
    imagine them being any better….

  12. Think you might could put a WRR together for “Spotting and Maneuvering Pot
    Holes” ?
    Unfortunately here in Colorado Springs, we get a lot of pot holes,
    sometimes huge, in our roads. As freezing and thawing become more frequent
    going into winter and coming out of winter,it really becomes a problem on
    when on 2 wheels. Lane position becomes very important as well as following
    distance to vehicles in front of you. And if you happen to get caught
    riding in the dark because of the shorter days, a pot hole showing up in
    your headlight at the last second really makes your cheeks pucker. I’d be
    curious as to what your move would be if this situation occurred. Also a
    danger when it rains because you can’t tell how deep they are when they’re
    filled with water.
    Really enjoy your videos! Hopefully I’ll get to see something on this
    Thank you!

  13. I just recently discovered you channel and I am really enjoying your
    content keep up the amazing work and ride safe!

  14. Motorcycle laws in all of the States require the headlight to always be on.
    Most bikes sold here you cannot even turn it off.

  15. Cheers mate, I’ve often wondered weather the law differs from state to
    state for motorcyclists. What are the ages for riding? Are riders
    restricted to certain size machines at different ages? What about national
    speed limits? Peace CH20.

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