6 Annoying Habits Your Esthetician Wants You To Stop Doing

Professionals each have their own personal pet peeves about their client’s behaviors, and estheticians are no exception to this rule. We often see a discerning pattern of repetitive behavior when our client’s skin is concerned- the very things that we tell them not to do. Here are 6 annoying habits your esthetician wants you to stop doing:

Stop Smoking

You know it’s bad for you. Smoking is a terrible habit- it is detrimental to your health and does not do your skin any good. When you smoke, your skin is deprived of essential oxygen. The absence of oxygen makes skin tone uneven and develop a sickly, yellowish hue.

What’s worse is that smoking accelerates wrinkle-forming especially in beauty areas such around the mouth and in the corners of your eyes. Smoking weakens the immune system, so healing is impaired in times when your skin gets damaged.

Stop Forgetting To Wash Your Face Before Going To Bed

A great skin care routine includes washing your face each night but is a missed opportunity for many people. When I ask my clients why they don’t do this essential task, people come up with reasons like they are too tired to wash their face at night, or are too tired to even remember to wash their face. I tell them that it’s perfectly understandable, but taking time to wash your face at night should be high up on the priority list. Make-up, dust, dirt and various other pollutants stick and accumulate in our skin all throughout the day, and the best way to get rid of them would be a wash before bed. If you neglect to do this important routine, the make-up and all the dirt will make your skin red, irritated and dry. Skin care products will not be as effective, or will not work at all. The foundation of any fantastic skin care routine is a good wash every night.

Stop Using The Wrong Products and Following Popular Skin Care Trends

I can safely say that one of the most frustrating things I encounter on a regular basis is when people blindly use the incorrect products to care for their skin.

It is totally understandable. A person may not have enough knowledge and know-how about their particular skin type, and that is where an expert esthetician steps in and helps them in selecting the right products. Too often, people go for the product that their mother uses, or their friend recommends and gushes about, saying that a well-known celebrity uses it. They might have read in a magazine or online about a new wonder ingredient and decide to buy that product. Another reason is because the product is on sale. Take heed, because not all care product’s ingredients are compatible, and not all ingredients work even though the company says it does. Try out which one works best for your skin and your skin only, before sticking to a particular product or brand.

Stop Expecting A Miracle From Each Product You Buy

Almost all skin care products need more time to work as intended. Some may even take up to three months’ time to gauge its total effectiveness for your skin. Being impatient and not waiting for a realistic amount of time can hurt your skin and your wallet. Don’t assume that products work overnight and magically change your skin dramatically, even when advertised as such. Acne situations are normally worse before they get better. Stick to the timeframe provided (the 3-month rule) when trying out a new skincare routine, and don’t give up on using it except for times when you develop an allergic reaction.

Stop Overlooking to Apply Sunscreen

This ranks high on the list of worse things that you can do to your skin. That forgetfulness to apply sunscreen daily will manifest itself as fine lines, wrinkles, and unsightly brown spots. In extreme cases, it may even lead to a risk of skin cancer. There are tons of different sunscreen types to choose from, and there is sure to be a great sunscreen for your particular skin type. So, people, no excuses- sunscreen is an integral part that you need to always remember in your daily skin care routine.

Stop Picking On Your Pimples

A surefire way to damage your skin is to pick at and prod your pimples. No matter how tempting and infuriating it is to pick on that rash, don’t touch it and certainly don’t pop it! The breakout will definitely become worse and cause irrepairable skin scarring in the process. The affected pimple will also take longer to heal when you touch it. Keep your hands and habit off of your skin, especially in breakouts and pimples.