Instant Makeover Tips For Women Over 40

Are you a woman over 40? Do you need some tips that can help you look better instantly – look no further. Most women over 40 are usually looking for some quick fixes that can help them look and feel better instantly. While losing weight and staying in shape can play a crucial role in making you look young, following some simple style tweaks and beauty fixes can also make a great difference to your appearance. Listed below are some instant makeover tips for women over 40.

Easy Makeover Tips for Women over 40

Opt for a soft look. Choose materials, prints or a hairstyle that will add softness to your face. Opting for sensual materials such as cashmere or satin or wearing a top that has a loose bow at the neckline can help add a soft element to your appearance. In addition, wearing feminine prints (bold floral prints) or styling your hair in soft curls can help add softness to your matured look.

Do your make up right. When doing your makeup, always remember to highlight your best facial features (eyes, cheekbones, brows or lips) even if they do not look as good like they used to in your younger days. A great makeup tip for women over 40 is to use mascara on all your eyelashes. When applying mascara, take care to apply it to the top outer corners. Applying mascara appropriately helps open up the eyes and add softness to your face. Another great tip for applying makeup like a pro is to use powered makeup (blush, bronzer, eye shadow). Dust off the extra powder on the face and gently use the end of the brush and press it gently to apply powder on selected areas (crease of eyelids) instead of sweeping or brush on it. This technique helps avoid streaking your makeup across your face.

If you wish, never hesitate to show your shapely legs or your slim waist by accenting it with a belt. Avoid fretting about the past and enjoy and be happy with what you are today. However, when revealing skin, always strike a balance between being too conservative and revealing too much. According to a study by experts, revealing about 40 percent of skin helped women look attractive and appealing.

Have you been wearing your clothes that are straight out of the dryer? Think again. Wearing clothes that have been ironed helps lend a neat, clean and crisp look to your appearance. Wearing ironed clothes helps women over 40 look smarter and also shows the world that she takes pride in her appearance. So, the next time before you wear those wrinkled casual tees and jeans, take them to your dry cleaner to get the perfect pressed casual look.

Wear support garments. Wearing comfortable shape wear, slimming intimates, smoothing underpinnings or control camisoles can make a great difference to your appearance. Although most women reserve this type of clothing for special occasions, wearing them on casual occasions can change the look of your casual wear and make you look smarter and more appealing.

Wear well fitted clothes. One of the biggest mistakes most women over 40 do is to wear clothes that are baggy, boxy and have unflattering cuts. When selecting clothes, women should always consider choosing clothes that shows of your best assets and hide the flaws. It is advisable that you do not choose too tight or too loose clothing. A great tip when choosing clothes is to opt for slim pants and leggings and pair it up with a loose top. While pairing a tight top with a tight bottom can make you look unappealing, pairing a loose fitted top with a loose bottom can make you look sloppy and poorly dressed. In addition, wear something that can make your smile. Wearing something interesting or unusual such as a pair of zebra print loafers or a pair of funky rainbows or just your favorite color can help you look lively and young. Using accessories such as scarves, handbags or jewelry helps personalize your outfit and a punch to it.

Last but not the least, wear a smile on your face. Stay true to yourself and be an interesting, vibrant person. Since ageing can make you feel more comfortable with what you are, you are less likely to get influenced by what other say or think about you. So stay happy, keep smiling and look gorgeous all through your life.