Gap Kids

1998 industrial for The Gap's "Gap Kids" garments line. Children leap about, climb things and primarily do exactly what they do. The white background visually links the commercials to The Void's various other series of commercials.

The songs is from Smashmouth (or a minimum of the lead singer of Smashmouth).

This 30 2nd spot aired in 1998 during the period best of The Simpsons.

12 thoughts on “Gap Kids”

  1. well… you werent climbing stairs and jumping around all retardedly like i
    was at the end lol. Man, this seems like forever ago… hope all yall doing
    well! -justin maxwell

  2. u look in that like you used to be in a boy band! LOL i always liked the
    GAP commercials! they really took a nosedive recently thanks to the economy
    and Obama! 

  3. +Venus lmao… were about to propose marriage too…werent you LOL
    haha. Well…sorry to disappoint :-/ lol.

  4. +SurreallTV Yes you got me. I was ready to propose. lol I was 11 years old
    when I saw this commercial. I’m still trying to find that guy. Now I will
    go and question my life. lol smh XD

  5. +Venus LOL…well, im sure you’ll find him 1 day haha. And thats
    interesting that you say you were 11…because i was SERIOUSLY wondering
    how old you were now…SOLELY because i was curious about what age you were
    back THEN. Because my age and that time period, is SERIOUSLY tied to this
    commercial and song, so i remember a LOT about it. And i was definitely 12
    at that time lol.

    That other Gap commercial (the Dress you up in my love) is another 1, i was
    13 during that 1 lol, and that might be my 2nd favorite nastalgic
    commercial / song. ha. Remember it all like it was yesterday…crazy that
    im 30 years old now.

  6. +SurreallTV the Game boy camera commercial is a nostalgic fav for me as
    well. Any gap commercial with that boy had my eyes glued to the screen. lol
    I even developed a feminine version of that style of dressing. I still wear
    to this day. So much of an influence on me. “Girllll you really got me
    now…” lol

  7. +Venus lol…interesting…and which Gameboy Commercial are you talkin
    about? Do you have a youtube link of it?

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