Huge Kids Fall Clothing Haul – Preschool & Toddler

This massive loss clothes haul consists of Osh Kosh, Void, Carters, as well as Target. These are my favorite youngsters clothes locations. They have affordable rates together with top quality. Exactly what are your favored locations to buy your youngsters? Many thanks for viewing!

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27 thoughts on “Huge Kids Fall Clothing Haul – Preschool & Toddler”

  1. I usually get my daughter’s jeans from Children’s Place for $7.99 (online)
    and I buy her shirts off season. Crazy 8 has awesome off season deals too.
    I just bought her summer stuff, each piece was $2.99 and I had a 20% off

  2. Hi Jia, such cute items! It must be so much fun to dress girls 💜 I have 3
    I love shopping at outlets & yes I’d love to see the transition video

  3. I love to see the transition videos. I love the sweater that says love and
    this Jean buttons downs! Those jeans with the hear details! I love the Cat
    and Jack brand ! Thanks for sharing and loved the haul!!

  4. I did shopping second hand and got some things then for fall and summer. I
    did a big Walmart summer clearance because they all had their items for
    $1!!! I went over board but in reality I saved a ton and it will fit next
    year, and we hand me down to my younger daughter and to my niece. Love
    matching clothes. I try to only spend a few dollars on items if I can. My
    kids are rough and messy. 🙂 would like to see you switch seasons. I
    transitioned mine partially a bit ago but left out lots of things that it
    now is way too cold for. We keep out t shirts all year usually and put with

  5. Cute clothes! My nephew has given us hand me downs for my toddler so I
    haven’t really had to buy much.

  6. I have bought a few things because it is fun to pick stuff out! I’ll have
    to buy more for next spring since I don’t think we’ll get anymore hand me

  7. I love Crazy 8. Now is the time to buy summer stuff for next year. I go
    straight to the back. I bought my kiddos fall wardrobe in April when the
    stores were preparing for winter. She can go about two weeks without
    repeating much, and I only spent about $100.

  8. You got a lot of cute things! My boys were never the same size at the same
    seasons so I could almost never do hand me downs! I used to buy a lot from
    thrift stores but it got harder and harder as they got older, I think
    because boys destroy clothes so nothing left to donate. lol

  9. i usually shop at walmart for my 13 month old because they have the
    cheapiest for her i have found. for my oldest i have shopped from childrens
    place and meijer. i do need to get my oldest some long sleeve shirts once
    her arm heals from it being broken.

  10. i do the exact same thing! i shop for my kids 2 times a year, 3 at the
    most. i have a boy,5, and a girl,3,. i bought them 5 outfits each, plus new
    shoes and jackets for around $200. shopping for them is so much fun! i got
    a few thibgs from costco. not a ton bcuz they oddly still have summer stuff
    out, not even in sale. i did get a lot from Burlinton coat factory, which
    has very nuce options where I live

  11. After the winter last year I hit a huge clearance at JCPenney for my
    younger child. I had $10 off $10 and $10 off $25 coupons also and I got all
    of her winter clothes for this year for like $30 total!! I haven’t shopped
    for my 10 year-old yet but I live in FL so I have time.

    My favorite for my youngest is Carters and also Crazy 8. I like JCPenney,
    Crazy8 and Justice for my 10 year-old.

  12. totally unrelated to the video but can you do a video in how to combat
    exhaustion as a working mom? I have a 2 year old and an infant under 1 and
    I just feel as though work is taking its toll on me. I feel behind on
    everything! my house feels messy and laundry is backed up and I just don’t
    even want to touch laundry because I’m EXHAUSTED! lol if you have any tips
    you could give I would appreciate it and I’m sure many others would as

  13. I completely agree with you about dressing my daughter like a little girl.
    I make sure to do kid like hairstyles too. She will have pig tails and
    braids as long as she is still a little girl. She wears uniforms to school
    and we get hand me downs from a family friend so I don’t do much shopping
    for her but when I do I try find that Target, and Walmart are my go to.
    Their clothes seem to still look kids like to me. Again I do t have to
    worry about quality too much because she is wearing her clothes minimally.

  14. I love to shop the same stores too and Amazon. I have an outlet less than 2
    minutes away from me but the outlet is charging the same price as the
    regular stores

  15. This is so helpful because I have two girls that are similar in age. Plus
    as a bonus we live in GA too and I plan on driving to the outlets! Which
    one do you like the best? I know I’ll probably end up driving at least an
    hour or two :(

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