What could you do with an extra $333.71 each day anyway?

It doesn’t make you rich.

However, it can cover a new car payment if your family really needs a new car. For a single person, $333.71 covers your grocery bill for the month.

It can also cover gas, electric, cell phone, and your cable bill for one month.

$333.71 can do a lot to change your life in a major way. So, imagine getting this $333.71 everyday for the rest of your life.

That’s what I want to show in this report using a traffic source called Adfly.

A 15 year old kid in Kansas is doing this right now. If this 15 year old can do it, so can you.

What The Heck Is Adfly?

Adfly is a URL shortening service. I’m sure you’ve seen shortened URLs on Twitter that look like this…

Notice the “adf.ly/acJ7q8” at the end of the Tweet.

When you put “adf.ly/acJ7q8” in your browser, it takes you to this strange website.

As you can see, this is a very long URL.

People use URL shortening services to convert long URLs to shorter URLs that can be used in tweets, blog posts, or any place you want a neater looking URL.

You won’t use Adfly as a URL shortening service.

You’ll use it as a traffic source to make money.

Hopefully, $333.71 a day like the 15 year old in Kansas does. The traffic on Adfly is created by the people who use the service.

When you click on “adf.ly/acJ7q8” you see this…

This is called an “Interstitial Ad” because the ad displays for a full 5 seconds before the viewer can go to logo designs.

They simply click the “SKIP AD” link at the top right corner to move forward to the website.

So what does this mean to you and making money.

It means all you need to do is buy dirty cheap ad placements on the Adfly platform offering products or services that can make you money.

You’ll do this with CPA networks, which stands for “Cost Per Action”. I’ll go deeper into these CPA networks soon.