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Hanging from One Tree with NoGround Hiking Pole First Look

Weight for what I use:
Post alone … 11.4 ounces
Risks … 13 ounces
Post with hammock stand accessories … 1.5 extra pounds
21 ounces
594 grams

TiggerzCraftworkz Videos …

** NoGround Hammock Mode assembly …

*** Bridge Spreader Poles Instructional Video …

**** Comprehensive instructional video clip for travelling mode disassembly as well as setting up … ***** Hanging without trees. Establishing the NoGround double post system… Images … Constant Loopholes … RATES SINCE APRIL 2016 … WEIGHT ABILITY:
NoGround adjustable posts have actually passed a 24 Hr static 287 # hammock lots, as well as multiple nights with a 140 # hammocker. In both situations the pole felt very strong. Due to variations in ground top quality and geometric set-up there is NO guarantee of weight ability. Make use of the system at weights greater that 220 # with caution. Just like all hammock relevant tasks– Hang or utilize at your very own risk.

Ground anchor pointers:
Irregularities with dirts and ground conditions make this one of the most bothersome task. Not all approaches will certainly operate in all places. There may be situations where none of the ideas function. As with anything hammocky, examination initially, then hang at your personal danger.
In almost all scenarios you will need two ground anchors each pole for stability.
All-natural objects: Anything that is firmly in position as well as you could affix a rope to could be your support. Tiny boulders, trees also away or as well little for a standard usage, fractures in rocks, logs, etc. could make excellent supports.
Use just guylines that are capable of fully supporting your hammock. I utilize 7/64 amsteel. Each guyline needs to be a minimum of 7-1/2 feet long (this makes certain a 45 level or much less angle with the ground). Longer is better. The shallower the guyline-to-ground angle is, the much less force the stakes have to hold and also the far better holding power they have. Spread the guyline anchor factors about 5 feet apart or in between 60 to 30 degrees apart. The further apart the anchors are the even more laterally stable the system will certainly be.

Various other notes:
If the ground is soft, or if you need a little extra post elevation, put a steady things under the foot of the NoGround post. This can keep the suggestion from sinking in, or could increase the efficient elevation without compromising pole stamina.

Truss line changes:
Each truss line has a little whoopie loop at the end for changes to each truss line. Adjustments are made without stress on the line. The little line quits to maintain the truss end caps ready will move (with force) if they require rearranging.